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Golden opportunity for the profession of Architect Original post: Mon 7/27/2020 at 5:59 AM

Design consulting is a very popular service, especially in big cities. When the quality of life is increasingly improved, people always want to live, study, work, entertain ... in beautiful, safe, comfortable and useful spaces, then the role of the architect is more appreciated by nobody else than the architect who created the spaces. However, not all architects, even well-trained, can handle both "consultancy" and "design" roles. In order to become an architect who presides over major buildings, architects must accumulate themselves with vast and basic background knowledge in architecture plus many years of practical experience. Especially, As technology is increasingly developing and affecting every field of industry, modern architecture is now applied a lot of technologies in design and construction. Architecture profession requires new qualities, skills and criteria.

what skills does an architect need

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Founded in 1966, undergoing more than 60 years of training, 50 years of construction and development, the National University of Civil Engineering has become a multi-disciplinary university, a center for research and development and application of scientific advances. learn technology, train disciplines, levels from university to PhD in the field of Construction. To date, the school has trained the country with over 60,000 engineers, architects, over 2000 masters and PhDs, simultaneously carrying out many scientific projects, large projects and technology transfer. In which, the university's program of technology architecture is built by CDIO approach to train architects with enough knowledge and skills to be able to perform architectural services and other relevant professional activities from concept creation to project design, implementation and operation; having knowledge and ability to apply advanced technologies and techniques, especially digital technologies, to construction design and construction; understanding of laws, responsibilities and ethical standards in the industrial age 4.0.


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