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What is a control system? Original post: Wed 7/29/2020 at 5:42 AM

One of the most widely used resources in the industrial sector is the control system . All engineering-led production requires this process to achieve certain objectives. The function of this system is to manage or regulate the way in which another system behaves in order to avoid failures.

The process control system is made up of a set of devices of different order. They can be electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, among others. The type or types of devices are largely determined by the objective to be achieved.

But a control system is not established as such just by having these devices, but must follow the logic of at least 3 base elements:

A variable to be controlled
An actuator
A reference point or set-point
In a bulk control operation, for example, the logic of the control system must use its 3 elements. The variable to control could be the bulk product itself when it is deposited in industrial containers. The reference point or set-point would be in charge of determining the filling limit, while the actuator would be the one that would execute the filling action, which could be a mechanical or electric pump.

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