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Cybersecurity is the process of detecting unauthorized use of a computer system There are 0 replies:
Cybersecurity is the process of detecting unauthorized use of a computer system Original post: Tue 8/11/2020 at 5:06 AM

Main computer services

The company offers extensive coverage in an extensive network of topics related to technology, which can affect the proper functioning of a company, so it is convenient to explain them carefully.

Computer maintenance

This modality is in charge of detecting and correcting the problems derived from the most used technological systems in the day-to-day running of a business, being specified in three main aspects: computers (software or hardware setbacks, computer networks and security in each of the company's computers, whether they are desktop or portable), servers (administration and monitoring of the company's servers) and software (revision and updating of applications). A series of tasks that should not be tackled unilaterally or left in hands with little experience in this sector, but rather delegate their processing to professionals.

IT outsourcing

Outsourcing takes place when it is decided to hire a third party to carry out a range of functions that the company is not in a position to carry out on its own. In the computer field, it consists, therefore, in outsourcing all or a smaller number of its IT services, in order to save costs and work with professionals who have recognized experience in the sector (without the need to incorporate them into its structure, with the subsequent payment of fixed costs). A task of great responsibility, hence the convenience of finding a company that makes the services of a qualified IT technician available to its clients, to support the department in question or, directly, to become it.

computer service technician

It is a service through which specialists in technological issues offer technical assistance, remote support for any problem that has arisen or may arise, and advice to those who have to work with new technologies on a daily basis. Therefore, it can be done physically (carrying out diagnosis or other training tasks to solve problems at the company headquarters) or remotely (carried out via the network or by telephone). The actions to be carried out by the experts will have to be established, in advance, in the contracting document, so much attention must be paid to this point, since important issues such as the commitment to respond and assistance in situ depend on it

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