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DHCP Relay Agent in Computer Network Original post: Thu 9/3/2020 at 9:37 AM

To appoint an IP address to the host progressively, DHCP customer trade DHCP messages with DHCP worker in DORA measure.

In DORA measure, the find and solicitation message is communicated, the offer and the affirmation message is communicated or unicast relying on the estimation of transmission banner for example On the off chance that the estimation of transmission banner is 1,then the offer and affirmation message is communicated and if 0,the messages are unicast. In any case, this is legitimate just when the DHCP worker is available in a similar system on the grounds that the switch doesn't advance any transmission bundle. Imagine a scenario where the worker is available in an alternate system. Here comes the job of DHCP transfer specialist.

DHCP Relay Agent –

DHCP transfer specialist is any TCP/IP have which is utilized to advance solicitation and answers between DHCP worker and customer when the worker is available on the distinctive system. Hand-off operators get DHCP messages and afterward create another DHCP message to convey on another INTERFACE. Likewise, DHCP hand-off operator includes a giaddr (entryway address of bundle) field and furthermore the Relay specialist data choice 82 whenever empowered. The choice field is eliminated when the worker answer is sent to the host.


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