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How does a narrative essay differ from a factual essay? There are 0 replies:
How does a narrative essay differ from a factual essay? Original post: Sat 5/30/2020 at 2:53 PM

Narrative essay differ from a factual essay


A narrative essay is written on personal experiences, fantasy stories, or reality-based incidents. The writer is also included in the essay as a character while a factual essay is based on facts as propose in the name. Narrative essay: For example, a narrative essay can be written as a personal experience like: “I went to the mall, the people were purchasing clothes, and their children were irritated because they wanted to play, Ayesha Irfan, who works in mall provided special service to the parents by handling their kids so the parents can shop in peace”. However, a factual essay is written like: “The slum population in Karachi is 2.4 million and the people living in it have no literacy rate. These slum populations are involved in notable crimes and criminal activities as they have no proper earning incomes”. According to Best Dissertation Writing Services, narrative essays differ from factual because the narrative is written on experiences, and it is more effective. In contrast, a real article is written on research.

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