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Fundamental Duties and Responsibilities:

Work equipment in the cagewash office; including a rack washer, computerized list washer and autoclave, according to security rules;

Clean, keep up, and fix limiting materials shifting.

Keep up cagewash workplaces in a flawless and figured out way, in adherence with all office necessities.

Perform quality control measures on the equipment and keep up reasonable logs for the information.

what does a computer technician do

Screen step by step movement of cagewash equipment, including fitting limit, and upkeep.

Report any equipment malfunction(s) to the Supervisor.

Keep up and record appropriate data for all commitments wrapped up. (for instance put down records, outlines, logs and inventories.)

Help with the receipt, stacking, and backing of deftly inventories.

Viably help out customers varying to decide customer sales, solicitations, and protests and to give specific assistance.

Keep up unsurprising demonstration of general association and security courses of action and systems and SDS rules, incorporating those related to substance and characteristic dangers.

Plays out all commitments in consistence with close by, state, and government rules.

Dispose of animal bodies, biohazards, and compound risks following set up procedures.

Clean and purge animal holding or procedure rooms.

Give common improvement fitting to the species housed.

Perform various commitments as apportioned.



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