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What skills are worth developing as a future digital architect There are 0 replies:
What skills are worth developing as a future digital architect Original post: Thu 8/6/2020 at 5:51 AM

Ability to communicate with business.
The architect must understand how to ferret out the right requirements so that the decisions made are informed and correct.Available to present.
One of the tasks is the ability to communicate solutions to both the business and the development team so that both parties understand the expected result.Technical expertise.
It is necessary to navigate the technologies used, because these are the tools used in product development.

Experience. Not only in project development, but also in building complex systems from scratch. It is important to understand that a large company is not a startup, and if the system does not work even for 10 minutes, this can lead to large losses;
Have experience in working with new technologies and approaches in the development of solutions to meet the challenges faced by the business;
Ability to communicate with both business and developers in the same language;
Ability to “sell”, explain, present a project.

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