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what skills does an architect need Original post: Thu 7/30/2020 at 6:27 AM

Architecture is the art of designing the aesthetic and usefulness of the structures in which people will live. To realize this purpose, the architect;

Examines whether the building to be built is in accordance with the city development plan,
Works in accordance with the necessary industry, organization, statutes and procedures in order to transform planning concepts into buildings and drawings to the whole planning,
Learns the requests, opinions and financial possibilities of the people who will use the structure,
Prepares summary information using research methods for a project design,
Structural design, building and engineering problems related to building design,
Draws the plan of the building,
Prepares mock-ups that show how they will take shape when they are made,
It creates the static, sanitary and electrical processes of the building to be built with civil, mechanical and electrical engineers and controls its execution,
Draws the detailed plan to be used at the construction site,
Checks whether the building has been built in accordance with the plan,
It plans for changes or repairs in buildings.

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