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How to keep your remote workforce motivated Original post: Tue 7/28/2020 at 6:25 AM

Resist the desire to micromanage
Without your team in your line of sight, it can be attractive to go beyond your normal management routine and increase check-ins to daily productivity. Although it is always a good idea to control what each employee is doing and the deadlines for those same activities, but it should not overwhelm anyone with too many issues. Employees are your team and the manager hired them because he trusts them. This is a good time to focus on achievements and help them work towards their future goals. This will allow them to focus on the job itself and not be distracted by constant questions and check-ins. Your trust in them will be a motivating factor for them!

Regularly challenge your team
Daily work can become mundane for people who like to be challenged. When someone is not challenged, they can become complacent and less likely to pursue excellence. Establish what the goals of each individual are and give them tasks that do not fit their normality. This will allow them to grow and overcome their current limitations. It can also promote growth by enabling training opportunities through online courses or conferences in any area.

Establish open communication channels
It can be easy to assume that your remote team is happy if it doesn't receive complaints. Unfortunately, this may mean that you have not established easy and consistent communication channels with the team, where they feel comfortable presenting the problems they are facing. Likewise, remote workers often feel disconnected from their co-workers. Make sure you're using the right technology to keep them connected, including collaboration software, chat platforms and video conferencing.

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