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CISOs cope with challenges of remote workforce Original post: Fri 7/17/2020 at 6:37 AM

Cybersecurity is a moving target. That took on an entire new which means with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, as the federal personnel moved en masse out of their workplaces and into their houses. Suddenly federal cybersecurity professionals have been looking at a very new challenge: How do you secure a on the whole remote group of workers?

“The records is my new perimeter. No longer am I concerned about those which are within the partitions of USDA. 

To be fair, this is the route cybersecurity has been heading for a while anyways, Goodwine stated. The coronavirus pandemic merely accelerated the changes, as it has in so many other fields. And many corporations have already been laying the muse for this modification thru their cloud investments.

To the visibility question, Goodwine said the key factor here is zero trust. CISOs want to understand what assets need access to what information, when, and why. And if they want get right of entry to to the statistics today, will they still need get entry to tomorrow?

In some cases, that comes all the way down to authentication, and developing new ways to do that. For example, the Education Department’s Personal Identity Verification badging stations have been closed for numerous weeks, which lamentably coincided with a surge in onboarding. So the branch did a 5 day dash to give you alternative methods for issuing gadget and leveraging robust authenticators without the traditional technique of the PIV.

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