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Cisco Firewall Architecture

•The ASA gives superior Stateful Firewall and VPN concentrator capability in one device.
•Some ASA Models combine IPS-SSM module or an included content material protection module.
•ASA Firewalls consist of many superior features:
- Multiple protection context ( virtualized firewalls)
- Transparent ( layer 2) firewall operation
- IPsec VPN
- And many different features

Stateful inspection Overview

Unlike Simple packet clear out out which take a look at an appropriate supply address , vacation spot address, and ports, ASA Adaptive Security Algorithm takes into attention the country of packet:
- New connection
First packet of the consultation is going thru consultation control route that performs:

• Access listing take a look at
• Route Lookup
• Allocate NAT Translation (XLATES)
• Establish consultation withinside the speedy route
• Control Plane Path is a Layer 7 inspection engines that cope with protocols which have or extra channels.

Established connection

ASA doesn’t want to re-take a look at packets because maximum matching packets undergo speedy route in each directions:

•IP checksum verification
•Session lookup
•TCP series variety take a look at
• Nat translations primarily based totally on present sessions
• Layer3 and four header adjustment

ASA creates a connection country statistics which use additionally speedy route for UDP and different connectionless protocols .
Some mounted consultation packets should maintain to undergo consultation control route like HTTP packets that require content material filtering or superior inspection is configured.

cisco firewall models

- Routed: ASA is taken into consideration to be a router hop withinside the network
- Transparent: ASA acts like a stealth firewall and isn't always taken into consideration a router hop ( firewall is invisible to attackers).

Cisco Firewall Models

•PIX(EOL in 2012)
- PIX 501/506
- SOHO application. Not supported via way of means of the SOC
-PIX 515/515E/525

- ASA 5505/5510/5520/5540/5550
- ASA5580-20/5580-40

•FWSM (firewall offerings module)
- A blade in a 6500 collection chassis switch .

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