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SENIOR SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT Original post: Thu 7/23/2020 at 6:03 AM

In a hastily converting generation environment, corporations face the want to convert their tactics and structures to fulfill rising commercial enterprise requirements. This virtual transformation needs a particular understanding and a fixed of practices to align commercial enterprise recognition with generation solutions.

Solution architect belongs to the listing of maximum vital practices completed earlier than any tech answer improvement begins. In this article, we’ll speak what answer structure is, describe the position of an answer architect, and give an explanation for how the adoption of this exercise can assist remedy commercial enterprise problems.

Solution structure is an exercise of designing, describing, and handling the answer engineering when it comes to unique commercial enterprise problems.

A solution architect is an individual in the price of the main exercise and introducing the general technical imaginative and prescient for a selected answer.

While the exercise may be controlled in-house, there are groups that offer answer structure consulting as a particular set of services.

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