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GOVERNMENT SECURITY Protect your remote workforce Original post: Thu 10/8/2020 at 9:44 AM

DDoS attacks on VPN servers can not only stop remote work but also deprive administrators of access to their systems. Here are three ways to stay safer.

Business continuity is vital for organizations in the best of times - and now, we are far from the best of times. The evolving COVID-19 pandemic has posed tremendous challenges for individuals and organizations, and maintaining a resemblance in the midst of massive home-based shifts and online service delivery is proving to be an upward trend for many businesses.

A crucial part of ensuring business continuity, or something similar, throughout the pandemic is cyber resilience - that is, ensuring the continuity of digital services, from the applications and data that employees need to perform their tasks from home to any items customers encounter, such as e-commerce sites and mobile apps.

But how does a pandemic affect an organization's resilience to cyberspace - and how can they meet the challenge of mitigating the risks to their business?

Cyber ​​Resilience is versatile
Cyber-resilience is not just about ensuring that key digital systems and applications are still working. It is about protecting these systems and applications from malicious interference, either due to digital vandalism or more sophisticated attempts to infiltrate organizational infrastructure and steal data.

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