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The missions of the network administrator Original post: Fri 8/7/2020 at 6:58 AM

The main tasks of an administrator are to ensure the performance, operation and maintenance of the data exchange, of the network infrastructure of a company. He has the double task of dealing with the incidents that are reported to him and finding solutions. " If the server does not work, if the files do not open, if the professional mail fails, it is the network administrator who must solve these problems ", explains Elie Zeidan.

Managing passwords, failures, file backups and software installation are part of his daily life. But little by little, the global mission of the network administrator is broadened with new tasks. The cloud is one example. " It is up to the administrator to create, in the cloud, e-mail or videoconferencing accounts such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams ”, some of them still little or not used a few months ago.


For Hadi El Khoury, “ The boundaries are no longer clearly demarcated between network administrator, system administrator and application administrator. The network administrator is called upon all the time ”. Indeed, the employees of a company often need its services: " They need to interact and request technical settings such as the installation of a firewall, or the blocking of certain data flows ", develops the expert.

In the logic of teleworking and remote access, which is needed more than ever, the network administrator is even more in demand, " for example to correct bugs or grant temporary access to a service, taking care to close it once it is no longer used. Put together, all these requests representing a lot of handling, which must be "cleaned up" and standardized so that all this work is well mastered. In short, it is a very heavy mission ”.

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