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Important Information for Freshman/Returning Students
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Inportant Graduation Information
Cultural Enrichment/Community Service Requirements and Rules (.pdf, 238K)

Students, please click the link above to read important information about Cultural
Enrichment/Community Service credits that are required for graduation.
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***Please Read***











Dear Students,


The Interim Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs is aware of the damage and constraints that have resulted from the recent Floods.  More specifically, I am aware that some students left the campus last week and have not been able to return to resume classes and to take their mid-semester examinations because of road blocks and other factors of the hurricane.

This is an official communique to assure you that if you have not been able to return to classes and take mid-semester examinations because of the fallout from the floods, you will not be penalized with regard to absenteeism and mid-semester examinations. However, if you know that you are able to return to campus by Friday of this week, I advise you to do so. Upon your return, contact your professors and to ask them for a date and time you may take your mid-semester examinations.

Provided that  road conditions are publicized as being impassable in your particular area so that you will not be able to return to campus until next week,  you will be excused from classes. As soon as it is evident that the roads in your area are accessible, you should exercise responsibility in returning to the campus to resume your studies and to complete assignments as necessary.

If you should have questions, you may contact me by return email ( and by telephone at 803-780-1179 or 803-780-1029.



Lugenia Rochelle

Interim Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

***Student Recruitment Initiative***

Student Recruitment Initiative
The purpose of this initiative is to increase the pool of students in our database for admissions to Voorhees College for Fall 2015 by involving current students in the recruitment efforts. The current student is asked to do the following:
  • Encourage family, friends, and others that he/she has contact with and are not currently in college to enroll at Voorhees.
  • Current student will encourage the recruited student to complete an application online or contact the admissions office. The current student can also have the recruited student to indicate the name of the recommender when calling the office. (803)780-1030 
  • Current student must also contact the admissions office to notify the college of this potential recruit so they would receive credit. This will assist with making sure the current student receives credit.
This initiative would also apply to any recruited student who is currently attending or has attended another college. Once the recruited student has submitted all required documents to the admissions and financial aid offices, enroll in courses and attends classes for the semester, the current student would receive a rebate on his/her room cost for that semester. If the recruited student returns for the spring semester, the current student will also receive a rebate on the room cost for that semester.
Off-campus students would benefit by eating lunch in the dining hall, at no cost, during the semester that the recruited student is enrolled for the academic year.
o    Room cost per semester – $1835 ($3670/yr)
o    Recruited student must not already be in admissions database
o    Recruited student must enroll and attend classes for the semester
o    Current student must pay room deposit of $75 to reserve room  

This recruitment initiative is only good for the 2015-2016 academic year and does not apply to any past due balances.
Questions should be addressed to Adrian West
(803)780-1269 or

2015-2016 Fee Schedule


2015 Voorhees College Fact Sheet


Newly installed 2015-2016 SGA Officers


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